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Computer Lab
Introduction to Computers for Windows brings our youngsters into the Information Age in a gentle impact methodical format. Students learn the basics of hardware and software of a desktop computer. Furthermore our computer lab provides students with the opportunity to improve their grammar, vocabulary and spelling abilities. As well as acquire research skills through online data collection.

Arts & Crafts
The art curriculum at Just Kids is structured to meet the diverse interests and foster the imagination of our participants through the implementation of visual arts and the creative use of resources. We use basic art techniques and materials such as water paints, crayons, markers, paper, wood, fabric, clay and all sorts of recycled goods both organic and non-organic. Our emphasis is on developing creativity utilizing not only two-dimensional but also three-dimensional shapes that increment our children’s spatial awareness.

Students will be able to:

  • Learn the difference between warm and cool colors.
  • Identify complimentary colors.
  • Learn about pattern formation.
  • Learn about tints and shades of colors.
  • Define analogous colors.
  • Recognize that feelings and moods can be implied in a work of art.
  • Recognize different kinds of lines.
  • Identify movement or rhythm in art.
  • Identify textured lines.
  • Learn about implied textures.
  • Learn the importance of having a center of interest in their artwork.
  • Increment their awareness of art as a part of everyday life.

Dance Classes
Our Ballet program introduces children to dance in a creative, fun, and friendly learning environment. We offer Ballet Programs through JM Dance Center., a business that offers quality dance classes to Schools and Child Care Centers. Teachers are highly qualified and most hold a Bachelor degree in Dance. The goal of this program is to teach the love for dance to our students while they learn discipline, improve flexibility, foster movement creativity, enhance self-esteem, increase strength, develop motor skills and coordination, and expand music appreciation.

Parent Involvement & Support (Open Houses, Transition & Orientation Meetings)
“It takes a village to raise a child” is a famous proverb meaning it takes creating a sense of community and collaboration for a child to learn, grow, adapt and integrate into a functional society. Starts with the parents and other family members, and it expands to the school’s teachers, staff and the broader community. At Just Kids Centers we take pride in providing as much support as we can to our student’s parents and extended family members. We hold Open House Meetings at the beginning of each school year. Transition meetings for parents of our 3K/VPK students entering VPK/Kindergarten. Orientation meetings and trainings for parents covering a broad range of interest topics from homework completion, school projects and at home learning; to strategies for coping with the stress of daily life as well as parenting, communication and decision making skills. We are committed to creating school-parent-partnerships which will assure higher levels of education linked to student achievement and ultimately school success.

Hispanic Heritage
Just Kids Centers celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month every year with an evening of cultural performances, music, dance and food. The Hispanic Heritage Celebration is a fantastic opportunity to kick off an entire year of cultural discovery for our community.

Christmas Show
Graduation Ceremony