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Before & After School Program

a group of kids playing bubblesThe Children’s Trust Achievers After School Program
After school programs provide a solution to working parents who need their children supervised and nurtured during hours when they are most prone to at-risk behavior. Just Kids After School Program sponsored by The Children’s Trust stimulates academic, athletic, cultural and social learning in a safe environment. Students are given the opportunity to strengthen their literary proficiency, complete their homework, practice sports, improve their creativity through arts and crafts projects and socially interact with other students their age resulting in enduring alliances.

  1. Literacy
    Reading is a simple word that describes a series of interrelated thinking and learning processes that occur simultaneously to interpret symbols on the printed page. The Just Kids Achievers literature program exposes students to a number of daily literary assignments, allowing them to make reading a habit.

    Literature selections will be provided in accordance to each participant’s grade level. The typical classroom consists of students who have different levels of reading and a broad range of interests which result in challenging, thought provoking exchange of ideas. The students may present their comprehension of each reading assignment by means of oral or written presentations. Many times, students may have the opportunity to role-play a character from the reading of the day which will enhance their comprehension of the material as well as add a touch of additional entertainment.

    All children are natural learners who gain knowledge by actively doing and communicating their thoughts and experiences. But we also know that education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Therefore, we utilize a method where every student, including those whose primary language is one other than English will have access to reading material that accommodates their needs and interests, thus making the experience all-encompassing and more enjoyable.

  2. STEM
    Our teaching philosophy and curriculum are inspired by STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There is a powerful link between STEM and early childhood. Young children are natural-born engineers and scientists. In the STEM approach, science, technology, engineering, and math are a part of everything we do in the classroom.

    The skills and knowledge taught in each discipline are deeply connected to the real world and to how children learn. Making connections between diverse skills and concepts is one of the most effective approaches. In STEM-inspired classrooms, science, technology, engineering, and math are integrated throughout. Materials and active experiences such as projects and experiments, encourage children to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Content is learned through investigation, play, and focused intentional teaching.

  3. Physical Education (PE)
    PE pertains to the area of care and development of the human body including the athletic and hygiene aspects. One of the recommended components of health care is regular physical activity. It also teaches the basics of competitive sports. Elementary aged students will learn to identify the mind-body-space relationship and develop motor and team building skills through the practice of fun games and sports.