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Special Needs Program

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Just Kids Centers is an all-inclusive institution. “Inclusion” does not simply mean the placement of students with disabilities in general education classes. This process must incorporate fundamental change in the way a school community supports and addresses the individual needs of each child.  As such, effective models of inclusive education not only benefit students with disabilities, but also create an environment in which every student, including those who do not have disabilities, has the opportunity to flourish. Inclusive educational practices build a school’s capacity to educate all learners effectively by means of differentiated education, behavioral and academic support as well as respect for diversity and inclusive practices.

We take pride on accepting and including in our classrooms children from all backgrounds. This mission although challenging at times strengthens the school’s community and benefits all children. Work with all types of services to accommodate the including but not limited to:

  1. Individual Attention
  2. Tutoring
  3. Speech Therapy
  4. Occupational Therapy
  5. Behavior Therapy
  6. ABA

We cooperate with the child individual therapist to accommodate the following:

  1. Speech and language impairments such as language disorders, articulation disorders and fluency or voice disorders that interfere with communication, pre-academic or academic learning, vocational training, or social adjustment.
  2. Specific learning disabilities of students who have processing disorders manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of language, reading, writing, or mathematics.
  3. High functioning Autism
  4. ADHD